Early Goose season off to a Hot start

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Early Goose season off to a Hot start

Postby mikek » Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:32 am

I got out for some early goose action this week close by near Parry Sound. Hot wether seems to keep them still. My partner & I took to our local roads & saw lot's in the fields but not a lot of field jumping. they seemed to move once in the morning & thats it. first day got nothing but saw a lot of high "V" flying birds (presuming northern birds migrating) that were just not interested. Day 2 was better with 2 flocks called in from lower flying (presumably local) birds and 5 taken.
Looking forward to heading down to my buddys farm near Macadesh Bay in Coldwater on Saterday where there r tons of birds.
How's everybody else doing so far?? Any thoughts on this hot weather affecting the hunt ? Any need to adjust tactic's ??
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Re: Early Goose season off to a Hot start

Postby dogger9 » Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:44 pm

Got out for the first time saturday morning. started off slow but we ended up with 11 birds and 1 band by 10am.
When the farmer called me and told me there were geese on his field i went out the next afternoon and watched them for a while.
We set up the decoys the same way the geese were in the field(not like we normaly do) and it worked great. The birds dropped
right in the hole about 25 yards out.

Hope we have as much luck next Saturday :smile:
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