nov 11 ,,, lots of sun little sw wind

Waterfowl hunting across Canada; from the sounds of New Foundland to the lakes of Ontario to the vast fields and potholes of the plains to the high artic and the sea duck hunting of the Pacific. Includes Quebec duck hunting, Ontario duck hunting, Manitoba duck hunting, Saskatchewan duck hunting, Alberta duck hunting & all other provinces indluding goose hunting info as well.

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nov 11 ,,, lots of sun little sw wind

Postby bkejwanong1971 » Fri Nov 11, 2005 9:33 pm

was a nice day to shoot some ducks ,,, got out purty late bout four thirty or so ,,,me and my buddy jer had to punt bout good three quater mile back into bush marsh ,,,had flushed alot of birds on our way out ,,, and bout eight sittin in the pond we was gonna hunt ,,,there was an old blind with a big ole muskrat house in the middle of it had some weeeds on it from last year so we was set ,,, put out bout five dekes an a butt,,,had bout six mallards gimme a incomin quaterin shot ,,,,,i took down two with one shot but one was wounded and to fast for me to chase down ,,,there was alot of birds movin in the hour or so we was there ,,, the best shot we had was three ringys come sailin into the dekes ,,,,we took all three with one shot each,,,had a few good opportunities we passed up on ,, i like them to be wings set and landin gear down ,,,<not sittin if thats what u thinking > ended up with a black and three ringys ,,, but lots of ducks in the air at times ,,,so it was fun and nice to see,,,[/b]
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