Public Lands in Quebec

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Public Lands in Quebec

Postby FowlKiller9 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:19 am

Hello Everybody,

I am posting this thread to find out some information, if any, on gunning birds in Quebec. Two years ago, we made a pilgrimage from MD to north central ND and had nothing short of an incredible time. Long story short, last year never happened and it seems that a journey that far this year will not be materializing either due to lack of effort on supposed waterfowl fanatics..... :fingerhead: With that being said I was wondering if there is public hunting available in Quebec and if so what it is like. I have been hunting since I could walk and will go to great lengths to feed my need. So the question is this....

Is there public/freelance hunting available in Quebec and to what level does it compare to that of the Prairie Pothole Region?

Any responses are welcome.

Thank you.
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Re: Public Lands in Quebec

Postby REM1100 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:44 pm

There is a guy called rod boy on the GHC site who also shows a stack of big honkers just out of montreql about an hour and he and hiss buddies freelance on private propertry look him up. There was also an article called the French connection either on DHC oir GHC recently you shopuld look up. Another guy is snowhunter near Levis close to Quebec city on the GHC site
I doubt as there will be any available hotspots called public land as the population is alot more dense than the prairies.
You could look up DU to see if they have any walk in sites and some other sites you may see if you can obtain permission
There may be som crown lands on the map and these might on the river edge or bigger lake edge or worst of all lands being occupied by the first nations via an old agreement by the Qeen.
Some First Nations land can be hunted if you obtain permission or pay a day pass from the Band Council.
Sometimes you can pay a guide a partial fee for scouting and obtaining permission for you only like $500 for a group per day if business is slow
As usualfreelance might mean big bodied snowgeese and huge honkers as for ducks??????
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Re: Public Lands in Quebec

Postby 1diverdown » Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:41 am

Mostly geese from what I'm told. A friend of a friend you to hammer snow geese just outside of montreal, and there is lots of great canada hunting in the aggie fields up and down the St. lawrence. I'm told that the duck hunting isn't so hot until late season on the river. lots of whistlers and scaup. never been drawn there for ducks though. I've always wanted to check out P.E.I, or Nova scotia, out east. PEI was the first province to go with the CRP type program called ALUS, and I've heard they have tons of Blacks, and Teal.
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