winnipeg Sun- Gun Control

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winnipeg Sun- Gun Control

Postby Oldducknut » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:21 am

PUBLICATION: The Winnipeg Sun DATE: 2006.02.08 EDITION: Final SECTION: News PAGE: 5 ILLUSTRATION: photo by Adrian Wyld, CP Vic Toews, at the swearing-in
ceremony Monday, says the Tories will fight to kill the gun registry. BYLINE: TOM BRODBECK WORD COUNT: 402


It was one of the biggest financial boondoggles of the 1990s.
But now, after years of public backlash and auditor general reports
highlighting the program's disastrous financial management, Canada's
failed long-gun registry will be coming to an end.
It's not a question of "if" the new Conservative government winds down
the gun registry, which has cost taxpayers well over $1 billion to
administer, with no benefit to show for it. It's a matter of "when" and
"how" -- questions the new federal Justice Minister Vic Toews gave the
Winnipeg Sun some insight into.
"We've been very clear in terms of our desire to abolish (the gun
registry)," said Toews. "How we can actually accomplish that remains to
be seen ... but we'd like to move on that as quickly as possible."
It's unclear whether the Tories would have enough support among
opposition MPs to repeal the long-gun registry through legislation.
But even if they don't, Toews says there's one avenue he's exploring
that would not require the consent of the House of Commons.
Toews says he may be able to gut the program by repealing the gun
registry's regulations, which could be done by cabinet.
Legislation is passed by Parliament. But the regulations that give them
meaning and detail are controlled by cabinet.
"Whether that change can occur through regulatory means -- that is, by
the governor general in council (cabinet) -- or whether it needs
legislative changes remains to be examined," said Toews. "The governor
in council could repeal those regulations and put other regulations in
And the long-gun registry would go the way of the dodo bird. Finally.
Canada has long had strict rules governing hand-guns, automatic weapons
and other illegal firearms, including registration of hand-guns used in
gun clubs. Those are good laws.
But registering long-guns -- hunting rifles, essentially owned by
responsible hunters and farmers -- was something new the former Liberal
government brought in during the mid-1990s.
There never was any evidence that forcing responsible long-gun owners to
register their rifles would deter crime. The only thing it managed to do
was cost taxpayers a fortune and cause duck hunters a lot of
frustration. That's why it's going to be repealed.
Toews says the abolishment of the gun registry would likely occur at the
same time his government brings in tougher penalties for gun crimes,
including mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years for crimes such as
armed robbery and aggravated sexual assault with a firearm.
Which means judges would be forced to put gun-toting criminals away for
at least 10 years. And there would be no more judicial "discretion" to
do otherwise.
It could mean fewer Eight-Ball Awards handed out in this column.
But that's a price I'm willing to pay.
"Whatever we do when it comes to repealing the long-gun registry, there
will be an effective firearms program in place that is meant to deter
crime," said Toews. "We have always maintained that we need effective
crime control when it comes to dealing with firearms."
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Postby 2 tollers » Tue Feb 14, 2006 8:00 pm

The sky must be falling for Wendy Cluker and the Collition for Gun Control - PC gov't means loss of funding and direct input into committees and now this. Could not happen to a nicer group. Hope it all does work out. :salude:
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