Mixing decoys and snow #'s

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Mixing decoys and snow #'s

Postby quack-n-stack » Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:18 am

My question is about mixing decoys. We will be targeting multiple species. Ducks, Canada's, specks, and snow/blue/Ross
We will be using about 400 snow and blues, 60 canadas, 60 specks, and 120 mallards. All fullbodys. I know the ideal thing is to match what we find in the field while scouting. Do y'all have any ideas as to what's worked for y'all in the past? Also do you feel this is enough snows to be effective on them? What is the least # of FB snows you have used with really good success? Also we will be hunting mostly small Canada's, so will they intermingle with the snows?
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Re: Mixing decoys and snow #'s

Postby elfros » Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:05 am

we never mix snow decoys with any other decoys put dark geese and duck decoys out as you would if hunting thm only
then set up your snow spread behind you
dark geese and ducks will suck right in and snows will be focused on the white spread behind you so they might have a better opportunity to shoot short swing birds
we rarely set up both unless we find the miracle field scout and find which birds are a better opportunity and hunt them
snows are so squirrley that unless its a perfect set up we mostly stick with the dark spread
that being said we still shoot snows when they swing over to see what the all the dark geese are eating :thumbsup:
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