Bringing your Firearms into Canada

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Bringing your Firearms into Canada

Postby Greg Wile » Mon Jul 18, 2005 5:08 pm

Restrictions on Bringing Firearms Into Canada

Canada has strict laws governing the cross-border movement, possession, and use of firearms. All goods, including firearms must be declared to Revenue Canada Customs at the first point of entry.

A visitor may import a non-restricted firearm, such as a sporting rifle and shotgun, ONLY for the following purposes:

sporting or hunting use while in Canada;
bona fide competition use;
transport through Canada to another country;
protection against wildlife in remote areas of Canada (excluding National Parks) if the Customs Officer is satisfied that the circumstances warrant the firearm's importation.
No special documentation is currently required to import non-restricted firearms. Only non-restricted firearms may be brought in for hunting purposes. These non-restricted firearms are sporting rifles and shotguns that are at least 660 mm (approximately 26 inches) long, have barrels that are at least 470 mm (approximately 18.5 inches) long, and do not otherwise fall into a restricted or prohibited category.
Most handguns are classed as restricted firearms and may be imported only for use at approved shooting competitions. An Authorization to Transport is required. The form may be obtained by calling toll-free (800) 731-4000.

Requests for an Authorization to Transport restricted firearms (e.g. most handguns) through Canada to other parts of the US, including Alaska, or another country are normally denied. Before leaving for Canada, visitors who require an Authorization to Transport should discuss their options with a firearms officer for the Canadian province you intend to enter.

Certain handguns and all automatic weapons are classed as Prohibited firearms and are banned from entering Canada. Severe penalties and confiscation apply to the possession of illegal firearms in Canada.

The Government of Canada is actively reviewing possible changes to the rules for the importation of firearms. Before importing a firearm, you should check with a Firearms Officer. For more information, call (800) 731-4000 or click here for information transporting firearms to Canada

For further information on current procedures regarding the entry of firearms, you may write to:

Revenue Canada
Interdepartmental Programs, Section A
Connaught Building, 5th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
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Canada Customs Regional Office numbers: Calgary, Alberta (403) 292-8750 Edmonton, Alberta (403) 495-3400
Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 426-2911 Hamilton, Ontario (905) 308-8715
Moncton, New Brunswick (506) 851-7020 Montreal, Quebec (514) 283-9900
Ottawa, Ontario (613) 993-0534 Quebec City, Quebec (418) 648-4445
Toronto, Ontario (416) 973-8022 Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 666-0545

Windsor, Ontario (519) 257-6400 Winnipeg, Manitoba (204) 983-6004
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