Redfish Can't Jump

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Redfish Can't Jump

Postby ncsu4ducks » Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:20 pm

Here in North Carolina we have a group that has made a documentary regarding Redfish and protecting them from gill nets and overfishing in inshore waters. The documentary is awesome! The filmmaker is very talented, and the team heading the project are knowledgeable flyfishing guides in some of the best coastal redfish waters in the country. Just wanted to get the word out about the documentary, its a great cause. Even if your not a coastal fisherman its worth watching the trailer for the movie at least, just to see the beauty of the waters these fish live in. The project has been endorsed Guy Harvey, Coastal Conservation Organization and several other big conservation names.

Please check out their website and spread the word.
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Re: Redfish Can't Jump

Postby gooseseeker » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:03 pm

Your post is all well and good,but the real threat is the natural gas drilling companies that use and contaminate hundreds of thousands gallons of h2o to release gas underground using a process called ''fracking'.The process is similar to open pit mining that releases contaminates such as benzene,chromium and other heavy metals into the water table then sucks residule contaminates and pumps the sludge back into water source after using a high pressure method of breaking up huge tracts of shale and releasing the natural gas trapped inside.This is all being done under the guise of green energy and totally unregulated!!!
THIS destruction of our water sources must cease befor there is total devestation of our whole freshwater system thus obliterating our Oceans which would be a true crime of mass destruction never to be undone.
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