Roosting Area Question?

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Roosting Area Question?

Postby tb44 » Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:29 pm

I took this from another site to see if any of yall had any ideas. Its a guy I know.

"I have access to what used to be an amazing roosting hole around 125 acers in size. We would hunt edges of it and let over half leave out before shooting and mostly hunt the birds that worked back in after 8:30 when they would begin to drift back in. In good years there be close to or over 1000's birds roosting there. Mostly woodducks (70+%) with mallards and greys mixed in. This is a cypress break with thick buck brush.

After 2 years of drought during the past 2 summers the place was dry for several months on into the season and the roost never built up before the season opened. Also there are some true newbies into the sport that leased a section on the property that skybusted and over hunted it the past 2 year. With both of these factor added in the place is nearly void of a roost.

My question is have any of you every expirenced a shift in a roost like this? Also how long will it take for the roost to return if at all assuming the skybusting/over hunting stops and water levels return to normal. "
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Re: Roosting Area Question?

Postby klee7013 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:50 am

ya we are in the same boat a few years ag0 had 200+ woodies in a flooded buckbrush type setup that was less than 3/4 acre- now we may get 20-40 in at a time.

they prolly found a new roost near by and may never come back as long as that new roost is not disturbed.

good luck. maybe bait it up in the off season to try to get them back
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