perfect pond needs some upgrades

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perfect pond needs some upgrades

Postby rosscoef86 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:12 pm

Okay so here is the scenario...and let me preface this by saying I have never tried to cultivate on this scale before... I am damned new at it actually

I have permission to hunt a piece of property and I have been hunting it with some success over the year. The place is awesome and could be a duck haven but for some reason it is completely hit or miss there.. There is about 10 acres of field that have cattle and grass on. Part of this field maybe 1 acre is pretty bare and has a lot of rocks on it.. there is a pond that is shaped like a kidney with an island in the middle of it all, and the whole thing backs up to BLM land with a sage brush and junipers for miles. I have a couple questions about planting, growing, etc. The reason why is because there are ducks and geese in the area but for the most part they fly over and only occasionally do they really want to decoy.. every now and then they use this pond regularly but then it will just quit.. My thinking is that there really isn't any food and that this is more of a loafing pond that they could take or leave without any issues.

Is the one acre parcel that has the rocks and dry ground even worth putting in the work and trying to bring it back?
I don't have too much access to the water, it might get a little when he waters the rest of the field.
If it would be worth it what should i plant there and how to go about doing it.

The pond is highest in the summer and drops down in the winter because it is fed by the local canal
What crop should I plant in this situation?
Where would I plant? On the moist banks?
The pond is lined with sage brush, does that really matter or will stuff still grow?
Would Japanese Millet be the best possible crop to plant
If so how do I go about getting this stuff to grow

Thanks for all the help guys hope to put up some pictures of it through the process
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