Duck food plot primer

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Duck food plot primer

Postby Butta boom » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:18 pm

After viewing a couple of threads about establishing or improving a food plot or marsh area for next year, I thought I might try to help. The info I will provide will depend on your plots entitlements. If your spot is a natural pothole or pond, leave it alone. Plant food around the perimeter of the pond. If you have the capability to irrigate and flood your plot, you will get results. If your plot is sometimes wet, sometimes dry, then results will be weather dependent.

If after evaluating your plot and you still want to proceed, you are some kind of hard case. The first case, natural pothole, till the borders in the spring and broadcast seed onto the tilled seedbed and set up a pump from pond to sprinkle up the seeds. This should get good emergence and if you are able to run your sprinklers a few times during the summer, your food plots will help your pothole to pull ducks.

Situation two, a controlled wetland, or pothole situation. The operations are the same as above only they take place in the lake bed of a controlled wetland. Getting the soil dry and tilling the lakebed will even without some auxillarily seeding, lead to some great results. If the area is unable to have control over the irrigation the chance for success is a longshot. But if seasonal rain is timely, and you got a little farmer in you, you still may score. The variations of these situations are very indicative of the success or failure of any of these endeavors. Good Luck...
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