Swamp Food Plots(MossyOak Waterfowl Forage???)

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Swamp Food Plots(MossyOak Waterfowl Forage???)

Postby camocraft17 » Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:57 pm

Does anyone know what the seed combination is in MO Waterfowl Forage???? I have read good things about it, but would like to make my own mix to save $$$$.

I hunt private land in VA that has about 6 miles of large swamp with several beaver ponds,potholes and large channels.

I would like to plant some stuff on the banks and mud flats throught out the swamp but I am not sure what to plant. I have done a little research and came up with the following.

Japanese Millet- easy to grow, broadcast in water and banks 60-90 day growth

Wild Rice- Grows in 2-12 in. water, harder to grow

Mossy Oak Waterfowl Forage-Don't know what is in it but here it does well.

If anyone knows what is in it, that would be great, or reccomend what you have had the best luck with.


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