SD Congress drops hammer on CWRA

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SD Congress drops hammer on CWRA

Postby feathhd » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:17 pm

You think the loss of CRP is going to hurt? If the 1 / 2 punch makes a dent just think what it means to duck numbers.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 8 (SCR 8)

One very bad piece of legislation came out of the SD Legislature this session. SCR 8 was passed by the Senate without going to a committee then passed out of the House Ag and Natural Resources Committee and also by the full House. This was under everyone’s radar on the Senate side and we faced a very uphill struggle to get it stopped on the House side. The resolution is non-binding but it sends a terrible message to the US congress from the SD Legislature telling them not to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA) saying the act would give too much authority to the federal government over wetlands on private land. The CWRA does not do that. If passed it would simply restore the authority the feds had to protect wetlands before that authority was gutted in two recent Supreme Court wetland rulings. I emailed members of the House to get them to vote against it. I had one member who was on the resolution as a sponsor, change his mind and vote against it. Other members also told me they would vote against it but despite getting people from other groups around the state to email House members we were not successful in stopping the resolution. The small isolated wetlands in the state, particularly in eastern SD are at great risk without protection and these small wetlands are critical to waterfowl and other wildlife production as well as for water quality and flood control.
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