Decoy rentals in Alberta???

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Decoy rentals in Alberta???

Postby hunt Chessies » Sat Nov 26, 2005 7:56 pm


I am trying to plan a trip up to alberta to do some freelancing for honkers and mallards. I have been up there before on guided hunts and I wanted to do it on my own this time to make it a little more fun.

Since the drive is so long from here, 30+ hours one-way I was wondering if there was any place or anybody that I could rent decoys from. We would get a rental van for our stuff. I think we could get our finishers over there as luggage so all we would need are decoys. Since it is only going to be myself and my hunting buddy it would save us 4 days of driving by doing this. Any info would be appriciated.
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Postby Admin2 » Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:01 am

None that I am aware of. But some guides will scout the fields for you, and youuse their gear, but you set up the decoys, do the calling, cleaning, etc. I suggest calling/contacting the outfitters if they provide this service. There is an AB Outfitters Assn, google it.

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