Woodland hunt club Delaware

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Woodland hunt club Delaware

Postby GOARMY » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:32 pm

Well against my better judgement and after asking many questions I joined Woodland Hunt club in Delaware this year.

I expected to have access to many farms/blinds and only planned on hunting after deer season wound down. As a member you are to
get a sign on to their site and you are then able to log on and sign up for blinds and look at MAPS of the farms which were never posted. I check in and noticed only a small fraction of the members posting for blinds. I voiced my feelings to fellow hunters and all were in agreement something was not right. As of late a member spoke out about parties being taken on club ground. I in no way
mind Military being taken as I work for the DOD. I can only hunt weekends and really wanted to hunt the month of January.

As a member of a team/club with the season coming to and end I would think the club members should have got to hunt the prime spots? maybe its me but now is when it should be good. I know its and off year but if this is the way the club is run I can not see
why any one other than about 6 members would return. I feel like a bag of crap for giving 1500 bucks away.
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Re: Woodland hunt club Delaware

Postby Goosebustaz » Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:49 am

Did you kill any ducks when hunting with them this season? They say they have blinds on the liepsic river and flooded corn/millet
Blinds on farms. And they say they killed 750 ducks(at least 500 puddle ducks) this year and 600 geese.
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