what would you do ?

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what would you do ?

Postby quack wackr » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:11 pm

whatwould you do ? from where im going to launch my boat theres arew about 150 geese like 1000 yards to the left that just hangout there all the time swimming and eaing on shore. and to the right of there ramp about equl distance away approx 100 birds comin in to roost every nigt at the same time and go to the same place . should i go scare the laofing geese up, set up my spread and hope they come back ? oe should i leave them be and go the other way and set up on the roost and wait for those birds to come ? this is going on after work tomorrow night, any input would be great ! having a really hard time making a decision
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