goose scouting ???

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goose scouting ???

Postby MJO21 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:44 am

Ok so I was outside this morning and saw a flock of 25-30 geese that are using a pond in my subdivision as their home spot. It was about 9:45am. I also see these geese coming home in the evening hours. Today I took off and tried to follow them but by the time I got out of my subdivision I couldn't see them..

1) I only found a couple field with cut geese
2) Will geese land in a field that has tall grass such as an uncut hay field or uncut bean field?
3) How far will they from their night spot and return tot he same spot?
4) Should I be looking for ponds or anything special?
5) am I wrong to assume that they are going out to eat?
6) I have looked on Google Earth but do not know how far out to look, or what to really look for?

any help would be appreciated...
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Re: goose scouting ???

Postby noweil » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:46 am

25-30 are not a lot of birds to be chasing but could provide a shoot or two. Are they all flying out at the same time as one group? The best way to scout them is to try and follow them out like you did. They probably are not using standing bean fields or tall grass fields. If they leave in the am and come back in the pm they probably have a day roost or loafing area. Try to find where they are going, get there before them and wait.
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