looking for some goose advice

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looking for some goose advice

Postby farmerjim » Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:35 am

heres the deal i have a private farm to hunt this week mostly corn/hay lots the geese have been in there thick lately probably 200-300 birds at a time, and dont even flinch when my buddy is spreading manure on the corn lots and using equipment all day. i am going to try it solo tomorrow am. i only have about 1doz shells,6 bigfoots, and 1 doz silouttes, and my layout. i am thinking of just using the bigfoots and shells and ditch the silos any thoughts? also thinking of using a hedgerow for cover instead of my layout? what type of set up would you more seasoned goose guys use?
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Re: looking for some goose advice

Postby 23yearsago » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:50 am

Won't lay claim that I'm a "more seasoned" guy.....though my whiskers are comeing in more gray lately :rolleyes: As far as you're strategy goes,, sounds like you're on the X and those geese will likely want to be there again until you shoot 'em.
Concealment is always most important, if a hedgerow offers that, AND taking into consideration the wind direction for the kill hole, I'll take that anytime over a "bump in the field" laydown that those geese didn't see there the last time they visited.

As for the dekes, I always feel that "someone has to start the X feeding party",, meaning you having a half dozen full bodies is like a small family group that gets there earlier than the big group, that's what I would use.
Don't do a lot of calling either, especially if you're in a hedgerow any distance away,,, a few clucks when the first birds are spotted in the distance and then clam up as to not give away your hide.
You'll likely get more opinions on this from more seasoned that I......Good Luck, kill a limit...could be your only chance for that field.
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