in the morning and at night

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in the morning and at night

Postby duckaholic_16p » Wed Dec 29, 2004 7:51 pm

I was wondering if geese feed at night will they feed the next morning? Also we have been watchin a large group of geese. They have been using acouple fields in the same section. tonight we were going to move our dekes and set them in another field but when we got there the geese were dumping right into them..It was an awesome sit to watch 500-600 geese dump in. Wish we woulda been there.Will they come back to this spot or should we move the dekes? ...Also we just started field hunting and bought 18 active GHG dekes and 12 shells. Also got 2 wildfowler blinds. How bad is it that all our fullbodies are active and no feeders?
Thanks for all the help guys.. this field hunting is new to me and i could use all the help you can give.
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Postby duckbuster » Thu Dec 30, 2004 11:34 am

its not entirly bad, but the next time u buy decoys focus on getting feeders.
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