Trying My hand at Goose hunting

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Trying My hand at Goose hunting

Postby RedBeardkiller » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:33 am

Well i have been duck hunting for years, and have killed a few geese when they decided to swing by but my buddies and i are wanting to start goose hunting more. we have a pretty good idea and have had some luck when we have field hunted for ducks, thought there might be some good advice on here. how many decoys to use? what kind decoys work best shells or full bodies?there are a couple of fields we are allowed to hunt but have never seen duck or geese in, but are close to a lake and a river runs 20 yrds from them, 2 are hay fields and the 3rd has millet growing but we have never seen anything would it be worth trying?

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Re: Trying My hand at Goose hunting

Postby BrowningBlaster » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:16 pm

Full bodies are the best, shells are great as well, and I use the Silosocks as fillers. This time of year I will run close to 6 doz decoys in my spread. I also have 6 Magnum shells that are over 3 feet long to lay under as cover. If your fields are wet, we carry a cheap childs snow sled, and cover it up with burlap and corn stalks at the base. Lay down in sled, pull Magnum shell over top of us, and call away, with a flag. It also helps to put a few decoys closer to where you are laying. If fields are covered in snow, get a tyvec suit and where that. If there are geese in the water near the fields then I say you have to give it a try. If there are no birds in water or field, then you might be just wasting your time.

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