Sweet Hot Pepper Relish

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Sweet Hot Pepper Relish

Postby MossyGO! » Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:21 pm

So with the garden full of vegetables and tired of making pico degallo I decided to try something different. Like anything else new and using my own ingredients I was kinda scared that I would waste my garden but it turned out pretty good for the first time. Great on hotdogs

2lbs of hot peppers, seeded(I used half jalapenos and half of some I forgot the name of I threw in the garden but only seeded the jalapenos
2lbs red and green bell peppers(seeded but threw in some yellow I had too)
2lbs onions( used white and yellow)
2tbs salt
2 1/4 cups of cider vinegar
2 1/2 cups of sugar

I chopped everything up. Add salt to vegetables and cover with boiling water. Soak for about 10 minutes. Drain liquid. Add sugar and vinegar. Bring to boil and simmer for about 20min. The rest is just hot packing in small jars.
I would have liked to add green tomatoes but the old lady wasn't having any of that since we didn't have any ripe ones yet although we can't get rid of them fast enough now.

Turned out pretty good. Would probably be pretty good in foil with fish as a sweet and spicy salsa.
I know it's off the beaten track of duck recipes but I know I'm not the only one with a garden. If anyone has other relish or salsa recipes I'm all ears. Hope you like
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