Decided to cook all my stuff I forgot about in the freezer

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Decided to cook all my stuff I forgot about in the freezer

Postby agengo02 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:06 pm

So I sauteed onions and mashed garlic cloves in butter and a little olive oil


Then I breaded up some butterflied fillets with flour, panko bread crumbs, & tony's


Cooked it until golden brown and delicious


Believe it or not I did not get a finished product picture because I literally could not stop eating it to take a picture.

Went ahead and replaced all the sauteed stuff and slapped on a sausage stuffed pork chop


Girlfriend gobbled that sucker up before I got a pic...

Oh I also started a batch of duck jerky. If you look real close in the pic on the bottom shelf is some basil and parsley. I have no idea if it will release any smells into the meat or not, but I went ahead and tried anyways. I must had a case of OCD tonight because I have been cooking for about 2 hours!

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