Another Simple duck recipe

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Another Simple duck recipe

Postby Dingbatter 2 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:23 pm

I was down at the "Duck Shack" this weekend rummaging through the freezer when I found a bag of frozen duck breasts. Since I discovered years ago that all ducks basically taste the same, I figured it was a mixture of seaducks, divers, and maybe a brant or two. Who knows?

Anyway, I thawed out the breasts, pulled out the Crock Pot and added two cans of beef broth, a few beef buillion cubes, a diced onion, some garlic, pepper and the duck. I let it simmer all night and around lunch time the next day I checked on them. I drained the liquid and took the breasts and pulled them apart (real tender) into small chunks. Well, now what? I got to searching around the cupboard and found a can of Manwich or some other brand of Sloppy Joe stuff and poured it into a skillet, added the duck and followed the recipe on the can. You guessed it, instead of Sloppy Joes, I now had "Sloppy Duck". Threw some on a bun, added some lettuce, some chips on the side, popped a cold one, and ended up eating three Sloppy Duck sandwiches washed down with two col' beers. Right tasty if I say so myself. So, if you have some duck, goose, roadkill, last years 'possum, whetever, for an easy meal the next day, this will about do it.

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