Clean your freezer kabobs

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Clean your freezer kabobs

Postby villithekid » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:37 pm

This last week I was noticing that alot of last years birds needed to be eatin in a hurry somehow to make rome for the advent of this years quary. So, that being said there was close to 20 birds (ducks and geese)of various kinds thawed. Now I had to come up with something quick and simple. Thought about wrapping each individually with bacon and stuffing with a pepper pepperjack cheese etc as aot of hunters do but this would take a great deal orf time! So here is what happened.

Breasted all birds=about 40 fillets
Marinated for 2 days in fridge
Cookout day, scewered bacon wrapped breasts, red onoins, green peppers and cherry tomatoes
Grilled lightly and carefully till medium rare to medium
= about 17 kabobs and a much cleaner freezer!

We could not tell the difference between a teal or snow goose due to the length of marinating time and each piece was surprisingly tender.

Ingredients for marinade: Moores steak marinade, Pickapepper Gingery sauce and your choice amount of Tony Chachere Seasoning

Ingredients for kabobs: bacon to wrap each fillet, red onion and cherry tomatoes and if game!
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