buffalo duck?

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buffalo duck?

Postby txcstquackwkr » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:17 pm

my wife and i were just talking about some of the duck recipes that are on here and started to wonder if it would be good as buffalo wings. what do yall think
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Re: buffalo duck?

Postby Cujo1 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:37 pm

Go for it! I put scored duck breast in a glass baking dish, cover with steak sauce marinade(numerous different flavors available), cover in foil and stick it in the oven for about an hour and it comes out pretty good. I also cook squirrel the same way and they taste about like wings. I have also used wing sauce on turkey chunks and geese and they were pretty good. I would give it a shot and let us know!
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Re: buffalo duck?

Postby aggiechiro » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:09 pm

i do buffalo duck wings every year for the superbowl, and more often if i save enough. they always turn out good and are a crowd pleaser. there are 2 basic ways to do them.

1. cook the wings. either bake them or fry them(most wing joints BWW, wings and more fry theirs). then get your sauce and coat the wings. often done by shaking them in a tub with the sauce.

2. my method. lighly flour the wings, and legs-by the way i use the legs too. get your oil as hot as you can and cook them just until the flour turns color. at this point they are nowheres near done. next put them in a pan. mix whatever hot sauce you make/use with an equal part butter(add garlic or any seasoning you want). heat it until butter melts and stir it up good. coat the wings and bake them in the sauce. usually for 1 rectunglar cake pan i do 2 bottles franks and equal butter for as many wings as that will hold. cook them ubtil they are almost fall off the bone tender...if you go to long you are left with a soupy mess. strain and serve. personally i think this method gets the flavor deeper than just an outside coating, plus you still taste the duck....just be careful, once i let my mexician brother in law in bay city mix my peppers(instead of store bought) and i think i got a chemical burn from it, good, but too hot.
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