Goose Quesadillas

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Goose Quesadillas

Postby aggiechiro » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:44 pm

this was sort of a whim. got a few snows on a conservation hunt, after they were cleaned my 2 year old asked to watch cooking. on her last trip to grandma's house she got to
cook every meal, now she loves it. the show that was on, was 8 differnt ways to do quesadillas, so i got the wild hair up my butt to try this. as for the hunt, luckily we just hid and did some pass shooting, because if every bird we saw had worked and comitted it wouldn't have been worth a full spread, but got a few and had a good day. this recipe just uses the breast. i'm gonna try to save enough legs and wings to do some buffalo style, but for this....

-flour(what i like, feel free too use corn if you prefer)
-get a cast iron super hot
-add a little olive oil and some pam spray
-cook it quickly till it puffs and lightly browns
-put them in a basket/bowl lined with a towel(they'll keep for a good while)

goose breast:
-cut it into strips or tenders
--i like to just lay them all on a plate or tray and season one side, then stir them around to season the whole thing
-pepper(i use a grinder and a LOT of pepper)
-chili powder
-garlic powder
--mix up the seasoning and drop them into a hot cast iron with some oil or butter..or both
-keep moving them around until they are hal-assed cooked
-add about a half cup/breast of your favorite(or homemade) salsa
-finish cooking the breast
--let them cool, then shread/cut finely the meat
----add more salsa if you want or if it looks dry

-clean your cast iron
-add fresh oil/pam
lay in a tortilla
-cover it in cheese(i like a mix of cheddar, mozzeralla, and montarey)
-add a layer of the meat
-add jalepenos(if you like)
-cloe the tortilla
-flip it till cheese melts
*--flipping from the closed side is a lot easier and clener
*--a little pressing helps it stay closed

-if you run out of game i'm sure chicken would work just as well.
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