Duck posole

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Duck posole

Postby FMFdevildoc » Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:16 pm

Posole - the best Mexican stew ever IMO can be made with some duck meat which = amazing.


1-2lb duck meat of your choice (or more, adjust amount based on size of stock pot, volume of stock)
1 large can of hominy (WHITE hominy works best)
1 large red onion chopped into large chunks
3-4 cloves garlic
3-4 quarts of stock (experiment to your liking, but the following bullion work best for me: Pork, Chicken)
3-4 large, dried Chile "arbol" or red New Mexico chiles
1 can "El Pato" (duck" brand Mexican style spicy tomato sauce
Salt to taste
Cumin powder to taste (not a whole lot needed)
Dried "Mexican style" oregano
Diced up cilantro to taste
** PORK MEAT ** Cubed up shoulder or roast type - you can optionally add the pork if you like swine or the flavor of swine
** PIGS FEET / WHOLE ** - this is how "real" posole is made, buy the swine feet whole, simply boil them into oblivion until the meat on the feet falls apart and the feet come apart at the joints and knuckles...

Again, the swne is totally optional. Ive made this with both duck alone and a swine / duck mix. I personally like the swine - duck mix. If you add pork, the swine needs to go into the stock raw and stew until it falls apart and is cooked completely. In this case, add the duck later in the process and be careful tasting or sampling the stock until the swine has had ample time to boil...

- Blender
- Large stock pot

1) Start a large pot of stock, relatively salty to taste and bring duck meat to boil. Utilize a gentle boil, you can pre-shred the duck meat or place it in whole and hand shred it later
2) Once it is boiling, take a ladle full of the stock and re-hydrate the dried chiles & let them sit for a few minutes, this will be the "base" for the posole stock & give it the red color and good flavor
3) Briefly saute the large onion chunks & garlic in a SMALL amount of oil (just until theyre gently browned)
4) Place the chile / stock mix, the el pato sauce and garlic / onion and blend into oblivion
5) Add the blended mix into the stock and stewing duck
6) Bring the duck / stock / tomato sauce bloended mix to a low heat - gentle boil
7) Add the hominy in
8) Add cumin (by the pinch) and a few pinches oregano + salt to your taste preference
9) Shred the duck if it isnt shredded already
10) Now just stew it until the duck is cooked and tender

Serve with torillas and the follwing condiments:
- Diced onion (red or white)
- Lime slices for the juice
- more dried organo flake
- chopped up red pepper (same ones you used) for more added heat if desired
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Re: Duck posole

Postby troutbum43 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:08 pm

Nice, I'll save that recipie for this fall!!! To be true to my new home I'll have to add to Hatch and San Antonio green chilis to the party :)
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Re: Duck posole

Postby tako1972 » Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:43 pm

make your own hominy(nixtamalization w/ cal ) and use that cooking liquid as well as the stock. I make the chile paste with
Guajillos and chiles de arbol. I agree w/ the pig's trotters. The classic way is w/ a head and trotters . Adds a real nice richness.
also crumbled chiltepin chiles, oregano(Mexican dried), limes, shredded cabbage, and diced onions is the way to go. Posole is super versatile. try it some time w/ shrimp. Happy Cooking. See ya on the water.
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