grilled goose breast with garlic and Irish whisky.

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grilled goose breast with garlic and Irish whisky.

Postby Dux-R-Us » Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:14 pm

I threw this together last night.

One large Canada breast cut into 4 steaks.

Open Jamesons whisky. pour yourself some. imbibe as needed.

Marinate breasts for 1 hr at RT in
-Teriyaki sauce
- fresh pressed garlic (2 cloves)
- onion powder
- fresh coarse ground black pepper
- fresh grated ginger
-liquid smoke
- dash of Jamesons whisky (it was an impulse)

PS: I never measure anything so don't ask me "how much" of any ingredient. Use your judgement and experience.

light grill and have some more Jamesons, sit outdoors and watch sun set.

grill over medium heat until just done, juices begin to run clear, or just pink in the center.
As with all fowl do not cook to oblivion.

Enjoy with favourite sides, more whisky or an old vine zinfandel or merlot.

The old familiar "liver taste" was not present. my wife loved it. it was absolutely splendid!

Tally ho!

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