Sausage Gun

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Sausage Gun

Postby snapshotmd » Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:38 am

OK, boys I don't mean the one between your legs! :rolleyes:

I got the Eastman Outdoors Sausage Gun to stuff sausage casings and need some tips. It's great on the first loading, but if I reload the gun it forms a huge air pocket as I pack the cylinder since there is still meat in the nozzle. What I ended up doing was cutting the casing each time I needed to reload and cleaning out the nozzle; which BTW is a PITA.

Anyone here who has figured out the trick to the reload?
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Re: Sausage Gun

Postby Illini135 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:14 am

Are you able to screw off either end of your gun? If you can remove the back end of the gun, the end with the plunger, take smaller amounts of your ground meat and drop it in from the rear. The ground meat needs to be in balls slightly smaller than the diameter of the gun as you drop these in you have to shake them down in so these compact in to the tube. Also, are you putting the ground meat in right after you mix it with the cure or are you waiting for it to cure? The stuff from Bass Pro shop I use suggests loading the meat in the casings imediatly after mixing as it is more difficult once it cures. the idea being put it in the casing before it cures then allow it to sit and cure in the casing before smoking, cooking, ect.
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