Best Duck to Roast?

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Re: Best Duck to Roast?

Postby Mugzwump » Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:27 pm

mjk wrote:We raised Pekins and Muskovies as a kid - I was in 4H. Darn good eating!

daffy... wrote:
Indaswamp wrote:
daffy... wrote:pekin, rouen, Cayuga

domestic ducks?

lol yep. I raised all three this year. first time in awhile I had duck all year. all ducks are great to roast but the fattier the better. pekins are at full maturity by 50 days. has twice the fat of a hen mallard in late December

on a serious note I prefer plucking the breast and legs. breast out with skin still on and cut legs at hips also with fat/skin on. roast the bodies and save the fat. the fat I use to confit the legs and the roasted bodies for stock. score the fat on the breast. start in a cold pan and cook on low to render fat. cook 3/4 the way there then flip and finish to a internal temp of 115ish. its like a crispy piece of bacon stuck on one side

I'd have to suggest plucking the whole duck, when roasting turn it over every 20 mins and let the juices from the whole duck marinate the meat. No other way in my book.

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