First cooked duck...

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First cooked duck...

Postby Rudso » Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:16 pm

that was G O O D!

I tryed cooking widgon by marinating it and dipping it in flour like fried chiken... didn't really work out :thumbsdown:

So secound try, marinated the teal and spoonie in soy souce, fresh choped onion, garlic, salt, peper, a little water, chilie powder, paprica, and squized a lime in to. Accidently marinated the ducks for 3 days because I forgot about them. Wraped them in bacon and BAM!



I tryed the teal and it was good. Before trying the spoonie after reading all the threads about it being bad, ill admit it I was little scared. So I decided to give my sister a piece of teal and than a piece of spoonie with out telling her a spoonies reputation. Guess what she liked more? SPOONIE! She said it had more flavor. Than I tryed it and it tasted the same as teal except a little more liver like. Dad tryed both and said that the spoonie was liver, he wouldn't believe it was breast.
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Postby MacAttack » Fri Dec 08, 2006 3:24 pm

Next time put a jalopeano pepper in it, next to the duck.

I don't mind eating spoonie, just depends on how you cook it. Its not the best but if I kill it, I'm eatin it.
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