Barbacue duck

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Barbacue duck

Postby quack_attack83 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:56 pm

I took a mixed bag of ducks that me and a bunch of friends had frozen at hunting camp anf decided to barbacue them. I took them and cut it into cubes, soaked it in teryaki sauce for 12 hours, put a slice of canned jalapeno on each one, then wraped it with half a slice of bacon. Stuck a toothpick through each one and barbacued them until they were done. I heard the recipe somewhere along the line and it is absolutely awsome. There was everything from teal to shovler in it and it was great. If you have the time try it. I dont like jalepenos but i loved this. :thumbsup:
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Postby greenster » Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:29 pm

:thumbsup: Sounds good thanks for posting.
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Postby CDAGK » Tue Nov 27, 2007 7:41 pm

The old "soak it for 24 and wrap it with bacon" trick..... lol
I've used this on everything a guy can run a toothpick through..............

Try soaking them in a salt water bath for 12 hours as well.
This will draw out more of the blood.
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Bacon Wrap...

Postby etfremduckhunter » Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:55 pm

I got a bunch of duck breasts going in the marinade- Spoonies, Gadwall, & Wood Duck...I got the marinade at the CWA dinner in San Jose CA I have cut them into chunks that will fit in various sized jalapenos! I have some smoking hot jalapenos from Costco that are just too damn hot to eat! And I like spicy hot food but can't handle these... I am going to stuff the jalapeno with the duck breast and wrap the whole thing in bacon...the problem is I don't have a BBQ at my apartment- so I will have to Bake them or Broil them...I guess I will just slow bake them till the bacon is done...I did soak the meat in salt water for a night before I started the marinade- I added a few more things some Grey Poupon mustard and a clove of garlic crushed along with more soy sauce...I think I will bake these up tomorrow- giving the marinade an extra day to soak in! We did something simular on dove breasts this year and it was awesome! Any suggestions as far as cooking goes?
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Postby uglyduckling » Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:08 pm

Sounds yummy!
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Postby Takem23 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:22 pm

that my favorite way! jalapeno wrapped in bacon. I have heard you can put some cream cheese in their too but never tried it.
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