Is it still good?

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Is it still good?

Postby mcdonaldln » Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:35 am

Okay, I went out thursday morning and got 2 hoodies. It was about 58 degrees. They hung in the blind for about 20 minutes before i cleaned them. After i cleaned them, i put the meat in a ziploc bag with a hlaf gallon of cold water. Than into my tool box they went for the 45 minute drive home. When i got home, i pulled the meat out of the bag to finished getting the skin off. the outside of the meat was not as pretty/RED as parts i fresh cut. :eek: keep in mind, it was hovering around 60 degrees the whole time...?
they went straight to my freezer. So how do i tell if the meat is still good? i dont want to get anyone sick... And is duck like chicken, where you can get VERY sick from under cooking? Thanks for your help.
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Postby hopelessaddict » Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:42 pm

ive let birds sit out in hotter weather for a much longer amount of time before cleaning and never had any problems ur birds did not sit out very long seems like, not a good thing to do but i think ur situation will be fine, and i always try to cook my ducks medium rare, that is what all cookbooks suggest, so i assume u don't have to cook ducks as fully as chicken...
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Postby GroundSwatter » Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:50 pm

If by hoodies you are referring to hooded mergansers, I would suggest putting them in a gumbo, as my experience with them is their texture isn't too great.

You should be fine. I've had them sit out much longer. Duck doesn't seem to spoil quite like deer do.

For most ducks, puddlers in particular, they are best cooked to medium. If you cook them too long and dry them out, it will not be very good.

I usually try to do other more creative things with divers, like gumbo, as they are little gamier, but I have eaten some red heads and cans that tasted pretty good (can't shoot can's this year :sad:).
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