my two favorite recipes

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my two favorite recipes

Postby kms399 » Fri Aug 26, 2005 8:16 pm

goose, i like to cut brest in half make a deep slit in each half fill with cream cheese and one or two jalapino slices wrap in bacon an grill untill medium rare and cream cheese is starting to leak out. very easy.

duck, i take a pan and turn the heat on high. as hot as it will get. so the pan starts smoking. i use "chef paul prudhommes blackened redfish magic" seasoning. cut the duck into small bitesized pieces cover very well with seasoning so it is almost orange. melt a little butter and pour over duck not too much. then dump into increadibly hot pan and cover. cook like 3 minutes and stir. do this every 3 minutes for 12 minutes. take out of pan and eat.

both are alittle spicy and are great tailgate recipes for after a hunt.
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