Cidered Divers with pepper butter.

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Cidered Divers with pepper butter.

Postby don taylor » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:15 pm

This is a simple recipe that I made for some family last night.

I do hang my birds outside for 1-2 days, guts in. Refridgerate if needed.

4 ducks breasts, split.
2 cups Apple cider.
Pepper butter (recipe follows)

Remove breasts from four ducks and salt and pepper them. Layer inside a high bowl, one on top of the other. Pour in all but a couple tablespoons of cider. Refridgerate 2-4 hours. Make pepper butter.

Preheat skillet on stove to medium/ high. Put approx. 1/2 of the pepper butter in the pan. Remove breasts from cider and place into hot frying pan. Cook to rare, Approx two minutes a side, covered. Add remaining apple cider, recover and reduce heat to low. Several minutes cooking on low in the bubbling orange liquid and your done. Remove breasts, slice and retoss in the sauce.

Pepper butter is a favorite of mine for stronger meats or even steak. I cook with it and serve it at the table for bread. Many people put it directly on meat at the table.

1 stick softened butter.
1 water(not oil) packed whole roasted red pepper.
Dash of hot sauce( Optional )

Combine all ingredients in food processor. Scrape the sides and mix until no yellow remains. Pack and refridgerate to harden.

I sliced another one of the peppers down and cooked them with some cider and artichoke hearts. I served it next to the duck with a 7 grain pilaf and green beans. Drizzle the butter from the pan on top of it all.

If your on a diet, skip that part. But never trust a skinny chef.

I'm submitting it to a local cookbook. Let me know your experiences.

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