Mudbuddy fastgrass vs. Go devil grass boat blind

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Mudbuddy fastgrass vs. Go devil grass boat blind

Postby BPduckman » Fri Dec 30, 2005 7:13 pm

Looking for the goods and bads of both of these blinds
I am looking a purchaseing one possibly.
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Postby Nab » Fri Dec 30, 2005 7:24 pm

First they both work and I'm a GoDevil dealer -
GD grass blind -
pluses - works great, mounts to boat with 4 bases, once installed can be removed in about 5 minutes, don't have to drill a bunch of holes in your gunnels to hold the grass and backing, is very easily height adjustable.
negs - can't think of any.
MB grass blind -
pluses - it works
negs - have to drill alot of holes in you gunnels to attach the PVC pipe to hold the grass and backing - need to remove all the screws or cut the grass and backing off to remove - removing the screws will lead to wallowed out holes and cuttinng the grass off means you have tie wrap it back on later, not easily - if at all - height adjustable.
Hope this helps.
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