Beavertail Stealth 2000 questions

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Beavertail Stealth 2000 questions

Postby petenice02 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:52 am

Thinking about buying the beavertail stealth 2000.. I've read many posts that people do love this boat. Anyone have experience with this in saltwater with a little bit of current. Not taking it far out but some of the creeks can get tricks during the tide changes. Also, do you need to register this type of boat>? Thanks!
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Re: Beavertail Stealth 2000 questions

Postby Mark F. Cheney » Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:15 am

It doesn't paddle quite as good as a canoe. It is as stable as the advertisements claim. Mine has been very durable. It works well with a motor mounted on the stern. They are stable enough to stand in and push pole. They will carry 550 lbs and draft 5". I think that they are comparatively affordable. The accessory seat that is available for them is just excellent.

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Re: Beavertail Stealth 2000 questions

Postby dogyak » Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:45 am

Cannot say much about the boat seeing I don't have one . As for register , depends on what your state calls for . In Florida , you put a motor on it ( even under 10 hp ) you have too register it . Check your state laws friend :thumbsup:
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Re: Beavertail Stealth 2000 questions

Postby QuackQuack_DE » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:29 pm

I use a 1200 with a 2 hp outboard on it with the side motor mount in tidal marshes and rivers around here. Very stable, can carry more then the 550 it is rated at. Steering with the side mount is tricky, but not horrible. They will handle a lil bit or wake ok, but wouldn't take it out in anything over foot or so waves. any other questions let me know.
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