Learning fiberglass work/modified layout build

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Learning fiberglass work/modified layout build

Postby T Man » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:00 pm

I have seen the layout and hybrid boats guys on here have built, and I think they are excellent. Enough so that I want to try and build one. This all is a preface to a bass boat rebuild that I will eventually do. I want to get a small working knowledge in fiberglass before I decide to split a hull and replace stringers in a big boat. I plan on building a modified lake erie style boat. When I go home, I have the opportunity to hunt large reservoirs, so the layout style would be ideal in that setting, but where I live, I can move from marsh to strip pit, so I think this style boat would be the most versitle. The boat will be pulled by my 1652, so some sort of a transom isnt an issue right now. I have emailed the guys at marsh-monster.com for some pictures. Apparently they have a v style planing hull as an option to their plans. If anyone knows what a carolina flare looks like, I will have a similar style flare, albeit much shorter.

Has anyone dealt with the people at marsh-monster?
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Re: Learning fiberglass work/modified layout build

Postby MissedAgain » Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:04 pm

Here we meet again! LOL! I'm the Hybrid duck boat guy.

The Marshmonster guys seem mostly quiet from what I've seen. They have some plans you can find by searching online. The boats have a good reputation and the plans are easy to follow from what I've heard and seen.

As for your big boat project. Jacques, Shine,and the other guys over at Bateau.com will have more applicable information. Check out their stuff as they sell plans and supplies for building larger boats.

Ultimately you will end up learning stitch & glue very well. Use epoxy, thickened epoxy is used as a glue to hold the stringers in place while you use FG tape to formally install them. The worst part is getting to the stringers and preparing the hull to receive the new ones. Wear long sleeve shirts, a respirator, and don't be in a hurry. Talcum powder or liquid soap (applied & allowed to dry) will keep the FG particles from embedding in your skin and itching like wildfire.

UScomposites.com may have the best prices for your epoxy and materials. Check the shipping tho', sometimes it gets pricey.

Good luck! :beer:
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