Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

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Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

Postby Columbia Basin Local » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:58 pm

Had the chance to ride in and hunt out of a Bankes 17 recently. That boat was the best I've rode in under 20' for stability and solid feel. How does the TDB 17'sc compare? By the numbers their very similar. TDB website doesnt have detailed or interior pics. Any of you guys own or hunt out of either boat?
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Re: Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

Postby canderso » Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:42 am

I have hunted out of the Bankes 17' Freedom and the Duckwater 17'. I really liked the Bankes boat. The Duckwater was built like a tank and it was great to hunt out of as well. My preference would have been the fiberglass boat. Excellent fit, finish, and quality.

I know you asked about the TDB 17 SeaClass. I have no experience with one. I have seen them up close and they are a nice looking boat. Heard plenty of very good things about them. I am scheduling a hunt in January that will have me in the TDB 17' SeaClass. That likely won't be timely enough information for you. Although I will ask, are you looking at an older used hull or one of the new ones being built in Ohio by Tony H? He is putting a lot of work into the new TDB boats and sounds like he will be making some great boats.

Another one to consider in the class is the Duck Boss boat 17'. They are also made in Ohio and are very well made. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner and transferrable for 10 years if you decided to sell. I personally am looking to buy the Duck Boss 15' boat early next year.
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Re: Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

Postby pwhnts5 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:12 am

You might want to look at a Phowler Boat with a custom cockpit added. We do these all the time for the great lakes area, normally on our Big Water Series boats over 20', but the design can be easily adapted for a 17-18' Phowler with the MV options. You can have the best of both, a boat that can handle really big water, yet draft minimal water in the shallows with an outboard or a Surface Drive MM. Talk to the guys at Big Water Outdoors, LLC in WI, they had a Duck Water before they did the field testing on our first Big Water Series for us. They now have a new generation Big Water they used all season and can give you their review of the set-up we designed for them. They are great folks and when it comes to these type boats, they are real experts, they have run or hunted out of most of them over the years.

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Re: Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

Postby Idaho Mike » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:51 am

Columbia Basin Local wrote:Had the chance to ride in and hunt out of a Bankes 17 recently. That boat was the best I've rode in under 20' for stability and solid feel. How does the TDB 17'sc compare? By the numbers their very similar. TDB website doesnt have detailed or interior pics. Any of you guys own or hunt out of either boat?

If your comparing a NEW Bankes to a NEW TDB, no question about it go with the Bankes.

I know someone recently purchased Arthur Armstrong Co. so I'm not sure what the quality of the boats they're turning out but the AA TDB boats were notorious for the gel coat cracking on the boats because of the inferior products they used versus the original TDB that was built prior to 2000 or 2001 not sure on the exact year Christian sold the company.

I had a 1999 TDB 17 SC for 3 years that I purchased from Ruben Perez. It was a great boat but really to much boat for the section of Snake River I hunt here in Idaho. I sold the boat to Captain Moe Neale of the boat now resides on St. Paul Island on the Bering Sea is once again being used for what she was built to do. :smile:
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Re: Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

Postby TonyH » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:44 pm

What a decision you have to make, I will tell you this Bankes builds a wonderful boat and that I now own TDB along with all the AA molds.

Idaho Mike, is a little off on his claims with the quality of the TDB boats built in KY and Michigan, There problems had nothing to do with inferior products as they used the exact same materials in respect to gelcoat, resin and glass as did Christian. The problem was that Christian built all the boats using wood and built them RIGHT! so the wood held up for many years and the boats were strong. The new owners cheated a little and the boats flexed slightly more which caused the gel coat issues.

Okay enough of that.

We will build them right cutting no corners and I assure you they will be 30 year boats. Where wood was once considered the backbone to a boat build today we have superior composite materials instead. A prime example of these materials is the product we will use for our Transoms. Its called Coosa Bluewater 26. You can read about it at this link.

And as always the TDB lineup created by Christian and the Clark Brothers have set the standard high and no one yet has been able to provide a duck boat like them with the System they use for the floatation in the boats. Why do you think the TDB boats are NOT full of rot and waterlogged foam? Simply because the design is right and the system works. TDB is a proven design with over 30 years on the market and NO other comparible duck boat has even come close to that amount of time on the water to prove themselves just yet. Bankes I am sure will be right there with TDB at accomplishing that extremely valuable measure in the duck boat business in another 10 years.

Many have tried to duplicate and steal the TDB market with copies along the way and have failed doing so.

Bankes make wonderful boats and I feel confident that TDB will be right back at the top of the list of the BEST duck boats on the market again real soon. And will produce an even better finished product than before simply because we are eliminating the wood completely and using composites designed for these areas.

As someone else stated we are taking a little longer than we had expected to get the boats back into production and that is because we won't sell an inferior product. A few changes need made and the layup schedules must be perfect as well.

Good luck in your decision and if you want to talk about TDB please give me a call anytime. I know a few guys who are running them daily including the newer KY build models and they are still performing just as well today as they did the day they were built.
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Re: Bankes or TDB sc 17 ft?

Postby skaneat » Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:49 am

Both TDB and Bankes are great boats, and have nice fit and finish. My buddy has an early 15' Duck Wrangler, which is pretty much the same as the TDB seaclass.
I personally brought a 2011 Duck Waters Oceans 18. In 2011 DWB's redesigned there boats with the assistance of a naval marine designer and the fit and finish greatly improved, just checkout there web site. The other reason I went with a DWB is the it's a heavy gauge aluminum boat, and I hunt rocky shore line areas and just felt more comfortable in an aluminum boat over a glass other thing, look at the heavy duty commercial work boats that are used in coastal areas, they are made from aluminum. That got to tell you something.
The beam of the TDB is less than the Bankes and DWB, and the DWB has the largest open cockpit of the three in there 17' models.
The other thing about DWB's is that they include the pricing of the blind in with the price of the boat, With the two other boats mentioned, I believe the blind is an extra.
All are great boats, you just have to figure which boat to go with.......Just as a side note, we passed on hunting this morning because of the minus teens wind chill and the wind gusting to 30 mph on the Finger Lakes here in upstate NY, makes for pretty crappie conditions, I think I must be getting smarter with my old age.

Good luck in your search for your ultimate duck hunting watercraft!!!
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