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Re: Lay out / marsh boat

Postby 2500hdon37s » Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:58 pm

Which MOmarsh? I know a lot of guys who have them (my uncle has 3, NON-DP boats) and you dont NEED a trailer for them. I know that for a fact and one man can load one by himself no problem in the back of a lifted truck. I know that I can put a MOmarsh in my truck by my self no problem and I am no big brute of a man. I even can load my Kara that I know weighs at least another 30lbs more than a MOmarsh into my truck alone.

I'm not saying the aqua pods are bad boats, but I think there are boats that fit the bill of marsh hunting out there for the same or less money out there. you can get more boat per $ if you buy a four rivers or MOmarsh than you would a fiberglass aqua pod, and the plastic aqua pod is almost $200 more than the M98 which is only 4in shorter but every bit just as good as far as weight capacities and stability goes as well as the M98 has a place to mount a trolling motor.

$1400 for a 13ft 6in Four rivers that holds 500lbs, rated for a 2HP motor or $1450 for a 12ft aquapod that holds 465lbs and you have to paddle it?
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