attention all boat blind builders!!!!

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attention all boat blind builders!!!!

Postby redneckgoosebuster22 » Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:35 pm

hey guys i have been searching this forum for quite a while now looking for ideas for a blind build. last year i went to a pop style blind i made out of conduit that i kind of copied off a a guy who posted on here with a similar boat. Personally i was not impressed with the job i did my main problem was with the rafia grass becoming tangled with the mesh and not easy to work with while day in and day out putting the blind. i love love loved my hard sided blind but it did limit me on hunting areas (state blinds with boat hides) and is not easy to take on and off my boat. I have not seen anyone on here post anything that im looking to build this year but am trying to get some ideas before i go and do it on my own but what im lookinf for is if any of you have put together a blind that you can take on and off quickly maybe in the garage the night before the hunt if you were planning on going somehwere you did not need the hard sided blind for the day i need a dog port and im working with a 17ft side counsel alumacraft boat. if any of you guys have done anything like this i was wondering if you could share some pics or maybe a detailed idea of how you did it i would greatly appreciate it. hoping to get some more ideas before i start the project and sharing with you guys. THANKS in advance!!!!
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Re: attention all boat blind builders!!!!

Postby Dingbatter 2 » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:11 am

Not much help here, but I'm thinking of some kind of simple blind where I lay or sit down in the boat. Maybe use one of those low (stadium??) lawn chairs. Just cover up. The problem is the dog! I've noticed that when the blind is up and the boat is anchored a hundred yards or so away (hunting out of a stick blind) the birds tend to flair. When the blind is down they don't seem to care. ????? I'm thinking that the lower you can be on the water the better. :huh:
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Re: attention all boat blind builders!!!!

Postby tmclaimerFL » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:08 pm

I used 3/4" conduit for my frame and have all my grass attached to it with zip ties. The frame is attached to the boat with bimini hardware. If I wanted to go fishing during the season or whatever where I didnt need the blind all I had to do was remove the screw on the mounts and had each side off in a minute. I would just store the frames with grass attached in the garage until it was time to hunt again. This is also on a 14' boat so it made the job a little easier.
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Re: attention all boat blind builders!!!!

Postby QuackerSmacker498 » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:40 pm

Goosehunter, the pop up blind you have will work fine with a few modifications. If I understand you correctly, your problem comes from the loose/long end of the raffia blowing around and getting tangled in the scissor joint or blowing in the boat and what you would like is more of a grass mat that isn't as free????

I had the same problem on my hard side that is covered in raffia blowing all over, down the highway. It beets up the grass and weakens you zip ties holding It all together.

The remedy is a three step process and should be relatively inexpensive.

#1 remove your old raffia clumps and attach some sort of nylon net mesh to the scissor blind. Same stuff that backs the military grade camo netting. That will work as well. Then re-attach your raffia clumps at the top of the scissor blind. Now the raffia is laying on top of the netting.

#2 at the front vertical bars of blind tie in a 20' section of camo pararcord. Now weave that cord in and out of each clump of raffia. Tie the tag end on the rear vertical support. I would do three per side for added strength. The cord should not be cinched tight because it will need to flex with blind as you raise and lower it.

#3 secure the bottom of the raffia to the lower support bar or gunnel with a zip tie, the same that you have done on the upper scissor support.

Now that you have created a raffi grass mat it won't have the movement like free unsecure raffia. Now you need to break up the mats appearance by adding various small clumps of raffia zip tied at random places on your blind.

Touch up areas with OD green rattle can, especially where cord has crossed over the raffia and created an obvious pattern. I also tied in random 2"x18" cut strips of camo burlap to break up the appearance.

Here is a pic of that exact process on my hard blind. I am currently applying this to my other 1448 with a scissor blind.
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Re: attention all boat blind builders!!!!

Postby redneckgoosebuster22 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:43 am

thanks for the input guys
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