cmc tilt & trim - gauge or no gauge

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cmc tilt & trim - gauge or no gauge

Postby Dingbatter » Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:06 pm

I am planning on putting a cmc tilt & trim on my boat. I really don't think I need the gauge with it and its about an extra $100.00 for it. Is it worth the extra cost?
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Re: cmc tilt & trim - gauge or no gauge

Postby midaoutlaw » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:49 am

Nope. I've installed the cmc on three duck boats and never even considered getting the gauge.
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Re: cmc tilt & trim - gauge or no gauge

Postby okie_duck » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:03 pm

The gauge can be helpful, but it is not necessary. Most of the boats I've owned did not have a gauge.
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Re: cmc tilt & trim - gauge or no gauge

Postby QuackerSmacker498 » Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:07 pm

Those guages are like idiot lights. Your boat will perform slightly different every time on the water due different loads and weather conditions. The optimal trim position varies with these minor changes in conditions.

The guage will only get you in the ball park for optimal trim height. The correct position of your motor will be optimized by "feel". The optimal motor position is when your boat has reached plane, top speed and or the rpm range that you want run for the given conditions.

Don't waste the money on the guage unless you are the type of guy that has to visualize everything.

In my experience I have never looked at my trim gauge and said "it has to be at this location". Its always done by feel. You will know you have found it when the boat feels like it hit overdrive on the highway.
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