Buying first Hunting boat

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Buying first Hunting boat

Postby RedBeardkiller » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:53 am

Well this year i have decided it time to invest in a hunting boat, i have been doing my research and have looked at some at local dealers but living in central Oklahoma has its disadvantages when it comes to them. Whats everyones thought on a gator trax with the 3500 mudbuddy SD they sale at basspro? Its not on the top of my list but having one close to me is pretty nice. I also have been looking at a Gator tail 17x54 with the GTR35 and express, both boats look great but havent found alot of reviews on them. Whats the word on these boats? No matter what boat ill get im looking into a 16x54 or 18x54 depending on how they both look. also im wanting to put a SD on and have been looking at either the gatortail GTR35 or the pro drive 36. i will be running in lakes , timber, rivers and some flats but most of them have hard bottoms . The water depth can be anywhere from 3 inchs to big water on the lake , so im needing a Boat and motor that can handle both. Also advice on either flat chin or simi V im looking into the simi V cause i would think it would be better sutied for open water.
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Re: Buying first Hunting boat

Postby Cajun1085 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:29 pm

I'm partial to Gator-tails, so with that said I would go with the 1754 GTB with 35GTR. I have the 1646 with a 25GTR, but my dream boat would be a 1754 with 35GTR (cam, heads, exhaust mod). Hunt deck on back (a must). winch mount on front, natural gear paint, swamp lights in front, spud pole holes, gun box welded in, front hatch, hydro-turf, boat blind. If you are running timber you will want a pointed front bow. plus aluminum trailer. You are looking about 18,000 for that setup.

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Re: Buying first Hunting boat

Postby mdycrk » Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:13 am

I don't know how far Phowler is for you but don't rule them out if you haven't looked at them. I picked up a 1856 with a 36PD on it up there back in November and have been exceptionally pleased with the work they did, the boat and performance. Not to mention the curtained service has been amazing. I called and talked to Paul when I was getting ready to buy mine, and he was great for walking me through figuring out what exactly I needed and what I didn't.
I looked at a lot of boats and narrowed it down to that one finally. I bought their extreme series with a modified V rake for exactly what you're talking about. I hunt everything from skinny backwater to big open water. The MV helps out with the big water but doesn't hurt shallow water performance at all with their design. I don't have anything but great things to say about the PD. They're awesome motors.
Any questions let me know. Good luck with your research and purchase.
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