Camoing up a Stealth 1200

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Camoing up a Stealth 1200

Postby Remington1187 » Wed Sep 28, 2005 7:11 pm

How show i "camo up" my otter outdoors Stealth 1200? paint it? make a blind? somehow attach reeds, by 4'x5' sections of the reeds and throw over the top of me? ANY suggestions would help. Thanx! :help:
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Postby 3trees » Wed Sep 28, 2005 8:46 pm

I've had my stealth 1200 for two seasons now and I have not camoed it yet.
I plan on doing the camo before the season starts this year. Probably a painted camo job first,then I plan on attaching some camo burlap and fast grass some how.
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Postby PADUCKSTUFFER » Thu Oct 06, 2005 1:54 pm

just took care of that on my Stealth 2000, Iwill take some pics and post them up :-)
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Postby IBBoykin » Fri Oct 07, 2005 11:34 am

Last year was my first year with mine. I simply used a sheet of camo material large enough to drape over it and hang to the water. I would take some of the grasses and millet where I hunt and lay a little bit of that over the top to blend it in. It worked great, I could lay out amongst my decoys with no problems.
Now I am considering building a blind for it. Look up in this forum the redneck boat blind. It is a great design complete with autocad drawings. If you study it close, you will see it can be modified to work on a stealth but I would suggest dropping to 1/2" emt instead of the 3/4" shown in the drawings.
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