Need help picking a motor

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Need help picking a motor

Postby Tightline » Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:02 pm

I am getting close to ordering a new boat/motor and need some help. I have done a ton of research and narrowed my choice of hulls down to three. A G3 1652DK, a Beavertail 1654, or a Gatortrax 16HDS in 50" of 54" wide. I like the lower front deck on the G3 and Beavertail for the added storage for dekes and such. I will be using this boat for fishing about 50-70 days a year on rivers and lakes as well as hunting, and I am having trouble deciding what to do about the motor.

When I am fishing I will be running the motor for trolling about half of the time. I know that a 40hp jet will handle the trolling fine and run pretty well on the river, but I am not really thrilled about cleaning crap out if it all the time when I'm running in the weedy shallowsfor hunting. I know that a mm will run me up and down the river, the muck and weeds won't be a problem, but will it handle running the slow trolling speeds OK?

If I get a mm it will be a 35hp Mudbuddy Hyper Sport or a Gatortail for sure. I like the MB because of the way their trim is set up on the end of the tiller handle. There is not a dealer for either in Montana, but I know that there is a MB dealer in Idaho and they will, and do, get over to my area on occasion. Customer service is a big issue for me becuse I am going to be shelling out alot of coin for this puppy.

If anyone can help me out about how the short tails handle the slow speeds it would be greatly appreciated. I am a firm believer in first hand experience, but as I said before there are no dealers in my area and that means that these motors are few and far between around here. I know that there are alot of people on this forum that are running these motors and I thank you all in advance for your input.

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Postby HaydenHunter » Thu Oct 13, 2005 12:21 am

If you want to run river channels you don't want too wide of a boat. If you are thinking of a GatorTrax you want the 44 or 50. I ran a 54 last year and it was a good big water boat. Very comfy for 3 hunters, big loads and big water, but not as nimble or fast in the tight stuff. The Gator 50 is a happy medium between room and maneuverability.

As far as the mud motor goes, a Sport Hyper with electric clutch versus the centrifugal (auto) clutch is advised for trolling. You can get the rpms down for trolling with the electircal clutch - lower than an auto clutch. I have driven both extensively and my new personal boat has just been outfitted with the electric clutch.

PM me your phone number and I will be happy to call you to discuss this in depth. I have run all three Gator widths and can give you some input / info.
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Postby Novamag » Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:30 am

As far as a motor is concerned, DON'T GET A MERCURY. They are crap and the facotry reps DON"T stand behind them. Complete waste of money.
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Postby CLUTCHfan » Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:04 pm

I prefer Yamahas personally. I don't have any experiance with mud motors yet, but hopefully I will next year. On our big boat, we have the main motor, and then we have a 15hp kicker mounted on an adjustable mount that drops down. We have one of those swivel bars that connect the motors so we can use the steering wheel while trolling. My dad swears by having kickers on our boats because one saved his life while duck hunting on Ontario years ago (it wasn't the yamaha that wouldn't start). Also we can troll all day with the kicker and we use less than three gallons of gas and thats with a 15 horse pushing a 21ft Lund deep vee.
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Postby lars » Mon Oct 17, 2005 1:02 pm

novamag dosent know what he is talking about!!!!

MERCURY #1 on the water- for sure

the ONLY motor I will ever buy!- that is if my first one ever wares out!
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Postby HaydenHunter » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:50 pm

tightline, check your email.
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Postby Arkie Farmer » Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:39 am

Hi. I've got over 170 hours on my Gator-Tail and I've been very pleased with its performance. I'm currently running the 35 horse motor on a 1848 Gator-Tail built hull and it'll run a bit over 31mph in deep water (31.8 tops)when I'm by myself. With a hunting load of 4 (4 guys, 2 bags of decoys, and our gear -but no dog) we were running a constant speed of 26.5mph deep water, but climbed to 27.8 when I got into a choppy stretch of water. That's haulin' for a mud motor! I saw that you're considering a 16 foot boat -I'd advise against it unless you have a serious need for that short of a boat (ditches, etc). I run 18 footers in timber without any problems from the length, and can testify to the longer boats increased performance with a load over the shorter rig. Also, the 46-50 inch bottom boats push much easier than the wider rigs with a MM. Get one long enough and it'll still be very stable.

I run a 20 hp merc jet on my Trout fishing boat, and have started using my MM for fishing instead of that rig since I can run almost as shallow(rock bottom) and the rig is so much faster. I'd really think my 35 will outrun a 40 jet by a good margin (the ones I see on the river sure look slow). I know exactly what you're saying about un clogging the impeller -I have to do that constantly anytime they raise the water level.
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