Hair spray and mounts

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Hair spray and mounts

Postby ptlkmg » Thu Nov 03, 2005 1:27 pm

does spraying you duck mounts with hair spray help to keep the mount from getting damaged. I had a mount on the wall near the vent and some of the feathers have been slightly damaged. I have since moved it but it seems that the feathers are not sitting right anymore. I was told to spray the mount with hair spray which would help keep the feathers in place.
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Postby T-MAN » Thu Nov 03, 2005 2:14 pm

Personally i wouldnt :hammering: . I first would call up a taxidermist. I would think that it would make the feathers sticky and look shiney :thumbsdown: . Maybe you could get the other damadged feathers fixed by a taxidermist.
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Postby Pete-pec » Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:01 pm

Try steaming the feathers. You could also take odorless Mineral Spirits, and apply it to the messed up areas with a cotton ball. Stroke the feathers back into place. Allow them to dry, then steam them. They usually will fall back into place. Hope this helps. Pete
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