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taxidermy tool questions

Postby openwaterhunter2 » Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:22 pm

First. Is a Paasche a good air brush?
Is a single or double action air brush better/ whats the benifits/down side to both

Is a small air compressor good or can I use my big one I already own?
If I can use mine what do I need to connect a paasche to it?

I seen plans for a Tumbler for 24$. Is it worth it to order the plans or is there an eisier way to build one?

Can I use copper wire in my mounts or will it react with the materials?

Would a video or book speed up my learning how to air brush bills or is than a learned process?

Thanks for the help.

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Postby Pete-pec » Wed Jan 25, 2006 8:30 pm


Paasche is fine, I use a single, I use a paasche, it works fine!

I use a small air compressor, I wish I had a large, so I didn't have to hear it run. Did you buy a kit? It comes with a what you need. There is a head you can purchase, so you can run multiple brushes.

You don't need a tumbler, They can add grit that is hard to remove from the Rachis of the feather. I mounted my last bird without one, and I don't think I'll ever tumble a duck again. The wings and feathers are absolutely flawless because of it. The tumbler can damage the ends of feathers if you tumble them too long. Do I have a tumbler? Yes. It is nice for turkeys, but needed? No. It definately aids in the drying process.

I would think that copper would oxidize over time and possibly react with the base that is in the Borax, and could possibly bleed green through the feather. I also believe it would be too soft and malleable, and wouldn't be rigid enough to hold any sort of weight.

Yes, a book or video may/would help, but nothing touches practicing!

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Postby johngtaxi » Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:39 pm


I also use Paasche single action for all my bird work, great brush!

Recently moved up to Iwata for the painting of fish.

Tumblers are nice, I also have one. But here more and more have been getting away from it on waterfowl. I agree with Pete it is very handy with dring out those turkeys.

As for the videos, they are great for seeing the concept, but the hands on and playing with the colors is how to do it. Get you a artificial head and go to playing, if you dont like it, strip it off and go again.

Good Luck,
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