Nova Scotia Sink Box Hunting

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Nova Scotia Sink Box Hunting

Postby ramsey » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:55 pm

Nova Scotia Sink Box Hunting. Whether you're collecting experiences or species, Nova Scotia is traditional eastern-Canada hunting at it's finest. For 3-day packages, opt for long-tailed ducks and scoters on the east island, or go north for golden eyes (mostly common but a fair number of Barrow's), mergansers and long-tailed ducks. Nova Scotia is the Banana Belt for American black ducks and the limit is 4 (Saw and shot more black ducks than during my entire lifetime hunting elsewhere). Common eiders are available, but due to prevailing weather conditions during the winter (with winds prevailing with some east in it), opting for 6 days increases the chances that conditions will be favorable to safely conduct eider hunting for common and northern races, with a few nominate races also taken over the years. has retained the first 2 weeks of December exclusively as they are hands-down the very best time tie of year to hunt - when even the giant red-legged black ducks from PEI will usually have arrived!





(interrupt this thread to show off a Nova Scotia limit of black ducks - 4)

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Re: Nova Scotia Sink Box Hunting

Postby Pete-pec » Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:00 am

Very cool Ramsey. The experience alone of trying a method that most people will never get to see, is very appealing. Add to that the fact you can shoot four blacks in a single hunt seems unbelievable. In 2005 while hunting a brackish pond that was on an island, I had 100 black ducks, (of course mallard/black duck hybrids as well) fly over my head at less than 20 yards. It's very hard to resist the temptation to not shoot again after folding just one. It would be a pot stirrer for sure for you to post that picture on a random thread. Title the thread: "I shot my limit of black ducks" just to see the internet cops come out of the woodwork. It would certainly be a riot.

I always thought about taking the largest pair of waders, and lining them in concrete to create my own sink box, and still remain legal. Of course I'm kidding, but I would love to try it. I did the diver layout hunt on Lake Michigan for the first time last year, and it is fantastic how those birds decoy in that open water. Nice hunt, and nice pictures.
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