Muddy, Water Habitats for Ducks

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Muddy, Water Habitats for Ducks

Postby Dr^ke » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:00 am

Hey guys, just shot a pair of mallards today and I'm looking to get a real nice habitat to go along with the mounts. I shot them along a stream and want to try and capture the habitat. For the pose I want them flying and I was thinking having the first mallard with its feet just landing into the water with a little splash coming up and the second mallard right behind the first with wings cupped ready to land. Anyone got any pictures or know of anything similar. For the habitat I would like water to be the center with mud, footprints, and rocks surrounding the water with some lichen and leaves. I attached a photo of a picture I found that is similar to what I'd like. I'd want it a little smaller with the mud and habitat. Do you guys think this would be possible? How do you think it will look? Thanks, D
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Re: Muddy, Water Habitats for Ducks

Postby jgoetz » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:13 am

With the right taxidermist that would look epic. I think the mount pictured is great but I personally (no experience BTW) can see a few things wrong with it. But that is a sweet idea if you have room for it.
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