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Random Gift Request

Postby JohnChops » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:38 am

Really random request.

Does anyone have a giant Canada goose and a cackler available? But here is where it gets weird. I just want a single foot from each one cut at the joint. Weird? Right?

I am not getting back to Manitoba this year on the usual pilgrimage and have a project I want to do now. I shot a banded Canada a few years ago and just cut it off. Same thing on a banded cackler last year.

I'm not a "landyard" kind of guy as I typically diver hunt and have no need for one. I also didn't really want to mount the birds. But I do want to display the bands on my trophy case. Found a guy who bronzes legs and I thought how nice it would look to bronze the legs and place the bands on them for display.

So if anyone has a couple of geese in the freezer that they aren't going to do anything with and they don't mind them losing a leg, I'd appreciate the help. Wish I would have gotten this idea last year. We limited on big honks and cacklers most every day and could have had more legs than I could stand.
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