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Looking for a Taxidermist

Postby Wooderson » Wed Nov 15, 2006 5:12 pm

I'm looking for a taxidermist in the Saint John, New Brunswick area, I have a drake mallard i've had frozen for a few weeks now and i've looked in the phonebook and on the internet for a taxidermist to get it stuffed but i have come up with nothing. anybody who lives around there and knows of a place if you could let me know it would be appreeciated.
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Postby Pete-pec » Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:09 pm

I hope this helps. Copied from taxidermy.net

A1FurTraders Taxidermy -- British Columbia
Big Game Artistic Wildlife Creations -- Ontario
Big Sky Taxidermy -- Alberta
Birds Forever Taxidermy -- Ontario
Birds Only Wildlife Studio -- British Columbia
Richard Bolduc Taxidermiste -- Quebec
Bruin Taxidermy -- Alberta
canadiantaxidermy.com Retail Taxidermy Outlet -- Manitoba
Canadian Wildlife Trophies and Fur Rugs -- British Columbia
D'Amours Nature -- Quebec
Don McArthur's Whitetail Taxidermy -- Ontario
Extreme Taxidermy -- Alberta
Fehr Game Taxidermy -- Alberta
Fintastic Fish Mounts -- British Columbia
First Fish -- Ontario
Fisherman's Tale Recreations -- British Columbia
Free Spirit Taxidermy Ltd. -- Alberta
Hawkins Taxidermists Ltd. -- Manitoba
Gary Hill Taxidermist -- British Columbia
Glacier Mtn. Taxidermy -- British Columbia
Heads Above the Rest Taxidermy Studio -- British Columbia
Hill's Realistic Taxidermy -- British Columbia
Houle's Taxidermy -- Ontario
Havelock Taxidermy -- Ontario
Images of the Wild Taxidermy -- Alberta
Kemp Taxidermy -- Ontario
Knapton Studios -- Ontario
Gordon's Life-Like Taxidermy - Wildlife Art Works -- British Columbia
Misty Valley Taxidermy -- Manitoba
MacLeod's Taxidermy -- Nova Scotia
Namaycush Carvers -- Manitoba
Natural Reflections Taxidermy -- British Columbia
North Coast Taxidermy -- British Columbia
Northern Spirits -- Manitoba
Northern Taxidermy -- Newfoundland
Orion Taxidermy -- Saskatchewan
Out Of Africa Taxidermy -- Ontario
PetPreservation.Com -- Ontario
Real Fish Replicas by Ron Reynolds -- Ontario
Realistic Taxidermy -- British Columbia
Reds Bear Hunting -- Ontario
Robertson's Taxidermy -- Northwest Territories
Silver Doctor Taxidermy Studio -- Ontario
Spirit Lake Taxidermy -- New Brunswick
Taxidermie Faune Nature -- Quebec
TaxidermyPlus -- Manitoba
Tratton Run Wilderness Company -- New Brunswick
Wilderness Creations -- Alberta
Williams Wildlife Artistry -- Alberta
Wings n' Things Taxidermy -- Manitoba

If you go to taxidermy.net, they have the links right to their websites.
go to the main page and look for Taxidermist's websites, and you'll find all the listings from the United States, followed by the International listings.

Good luck with your Greenhead!

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Postby Wooderson » Sat Nov 18, 2006 1:31 pm

Thanks for the list i'll have to check out some of the ones that are in new brunswick.
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